Our Quality

Our main aim is the highest possible quality for our products. We improve materials - where possible - and add those details others neglected over the years. The quality of our items is never cut back in order to sell cheaper. Our raw materials consist of products from Germany or European production of close to 100%, for example spring hinges form OBE. The color coatings, excluding our basic models, have all got a palladium supportive layer as well as a protective lacquer powder coating.

Our Guarantee

Due to our high quality products our guarantee goes beyond the legal demands: a 5 year guarantee on flexible bridges.

Our Prices

The basis for our prices are fair and honest calculations. It is not part of our sales philosophy to increase the trade margin artificially in order to have it followed by sales. Our prices remain at a reasonable level due to the company's good organization without having an unproductive, top-heavy bureaucracy to deal with and the fact that we principally abstain from buying brand name articles with a fixed price increase. Our contracts are only with producers known to have reasonable prices, are quality-oriented and competitive. If these criteria are not met the contracts will be terminated.

Our Service

Delivery will be fast and reliable. Current products are stocked at customers' wish. Reclamations are shipped from storage on the day of their order so as to satisfy the customer´s customer as well. Our basic principle can be summarized as follows: what is best for our customers is the best for us, too. Everyone working for us (sales as well as customer service personnel) is well informed about our products, will help you in a friendly and polite manner.